Dash 7s Still Exist!

Coming across something old school is fun.  Go back through the Canadian aircraft history and you come to the Dash 7.  This four engine turboprop could achieve some pretty dramatic steep approaches and departures.  It was the first aircraft to operate in to London City using a 7.5 degree approach angle.  The Dash 8 family was the replacement for the Dash 7 and led to the Q400.  I flew on a Dash 7 in 1994 in a US Air Express flight between DC and Philly.

You don’t seem them around anymore but, I came across a couple of them in Toronto.  They were parked up at Billy Bishop Airport around the back of the terminal.  You can see who has been using one of them based on what is written on the side.  I assume these two are stored awaiting their next tasking but maybe they are more active than I realize.  I hope they still get good usage.

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