Another JetStar! Hurrah!

wpid9052-AU0E5160.jpgIf you go back a long time in this blog, you will see my tales to chasing a classic business jet, the Lockheed JetStar.  Since leaving Chicago I have been frustrated to see a large number of movements of this fantastic looking machine showing up at Midway and Chicago Executive airports.  They must have known I was gone and come out of the woodwork.

wpid9050-C59F6664.jpgFortunately, there is a local example.  Hayward Executive is a short distance from me and I recently spotted that it was due to make an early departure for Mexico.  With nothing to conflict with this, I headed across.  Wanting a specific movement is often a frustrating thing since, while a flight plan will be filed for a given time, they often go at another time since it is all about when the person is ready to leave.  You don’t have to stick to a schedule when you have your own jet!

wpid9054-AU0E5172.jpgIn this case, I was lucky.  They filed for an 8:42 departure and actually got airborne at 8:49.  Not bad.  The weather was overcast and not the greatest but, with the angle of the departure, more sun much actually have been a problem at this time of year.  Anyway, I got a good view of the take off run and the turnout was towards me so a few quick shots to add to my JetStar collection and I was done.  Back home for breakfast!


2 thoughts on “Another JetStar! Hurrah!

  1. Gary Edwards

    She is a classic beauty, Rob. My friend Don flew right seat on a JetStar long ago. I got to visit inside but never got to ride. A pity.

    1. Rob Post author

      I can’t quite pin down what it is about them that fascinates me Gary, but they are great looking jets. It would be good to get them all tracked down.


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