What Else Does LAX Offer?

Aside from chasing a few A380s, LAX has the advantage of a mix of aircraft from all over the place.  It also has a good selection of spots from which to take pictures.  While I was there (at various times over a few days) I managed to get a few different shots.  It is a lot easier to do this today than it was in the past.

Websites that list flight movements combined with a smart phone allow you to be a lot more aware of what is coming and what is due out.  No longer do you wonder whether you can move on only to see something amazing arrive just as you drive down the street.  The data isn’t always accurate but it does make things a lot easier.

At this time of year, one of the favored spots by the In’n’Out burger joint is not ideal for the sun.  However, walking a short distance down the street can overcome this.  It also gives you a vantage point from almost directly underneath the aircraft (or right under them if you prefer) from which you can get something a little different.  I tried a bunch of these out while I was there.

Nothing much else to say about the location so here are some of the shots to enjoy.

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