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Storm Brian Means Time to Windsurf

My trip to the Island was in the middle of Storm Brian.  It was lashing some parts of the country and the western end of the Island was apparently getting some serious wind but the east side was enjoying a bit of shelter.  That didn’t mean there wasn’t still some strong wind and a decent amount of wave action.  What better time for someone to go windsurfing?  Actually, several people were windsurfing.  One of them was close to where I was standing on the shore and, as he went out, he was running against the waves but with the wind behind him.  I was hoping for some big jumps off the waves but, while there were jumps, they were not too big.  He was certainly braver than I would have been though!

Wind and Kite Surfing

AU0E5129.jpgIt was a pretty windy day when I was at Coyote Point. This had brought out anybody in the Bay Area with either a windsurfing board or kite-boarding gear. They had to work pretty hard because the wind was certainly not making the conditions good for novices. A couple of time, I saw people create a slightly larger cloud of spray than normal as they plowed in. However, on the whole, they seemed to know what they were up to.

AU0E5112.jpgFrom my vantage point on the headland, I could see them well and the long lens allowed things to get a bit compressed. Even so, on some occasions it did appear that they were trying hard to all get in my shot at once. Thanks for the effort guys!


Windsurfing and Kiteboarding

Being on the north side of the island of Maui, we were also able to see a bit of the watersport activity that people can get up to.  The north shore is famous for surfing of course with Jaws being the most well known of the surfing locations.  That is a little inaccessible and the surf is not huge at the time of year we were there.  However, there are plenty of other ways to have fun.

With the steady, strong breeze, this is a great spot for windsurfing or kiteboarding.  As we wandered along the shore near our lunch location, we could see plenty of people out having some fun.  They were making great progress as a result of the strong winds and were great to watch.  It is always fun to see someone who is good at something doing it well.  I grabbed a few shots before we went on our (far more leisurely) way.