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Snoqualmie Falls Is A Bit More Active Now

The recent months in the Pacific Northwest have been very wet.  It has felt like it was always raining and not just gentle rain but heavy rain on a regular basis.  This means that there is plenty of water in the mountains and the rivers coming out of the Cascades are heavy with flow.  I figured a trip up to Snoqualmie Falls was in order.  A few months back I had been up there when the flow over the falls was very low.

With the two power stations built in to the falls, the demands that they put on the water often mean that there is a lot less to go over the falls themselves.  Once the water levels get high, though, there is more than enough for everyone!  The falls were really raging.  The spray blowing up from the river was quite intense and, depending on which way the wind was blowing, you could either be quite dry or getting a deluge.

Since I made the visit, the weather hasn’t got any better.  I imagine that the falls have continued to be in full flow ever since.  Downstream, the river valleys have been in flood with the river levels all high.  Hopefully no one is suffering too much – those areas are prone to flooding anyway and they tend to be ready for it.

Head on Big Boys

wpid5269-AU0E2456.jpgMy day out shooting with Hayman was mainly an aviation themed event.  One of the things I was interested in was looking for something more head on as the heavier jets launch out of SFO.  Most aircraft depart off 01 and head out across the bay.  however, the heavier widebodies launch off 28 and climb out towards South San Francisco.  A head on shot of them coming off the runway is what i really want.

wpid5271-AU0E2481.jpgHayman had a location which was halfway to what we wanted.  You are a bit further from the airport and so they rise out of the surrounding landscape rather than seeing them come off the runway itself.  The location has a lot of promise.  Sadly, on this day the weather was not nice and, as the day was moving along, what light there was after the clouds had taken their share was fading fast.  however, it was rather fun to see the 747s and A380 climbing out over us.  Definitely something to try again some time.  As for the runway shot, we shall have to keep exploring to find the right spot for that!