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Heron Head Shape Is Unusual

Photographing herons is kind of a fun thing to do since they are such a large bird and so distinctive.  Having got so close to some recently, I have got a lot more photos of them from different angles and this has included some head on shots of them.  I had not appreciated the shape of the head of the heron until getting this view.  The head is narrow, as I had know, but it is tapered.  While I thought the eyes were on the sides of the head, the shaping means that they have more of a forward view than I had realized which is obviously important for hunting for fish and perceiving depth when preparing to strike.  Head on it looks like a very different bird!

ASRAAM Self Portrait

C59F5739.jpgWhile waking along the ramp occupied by the RAAF Hornets, one of the ASRAAM missiles on the wingtip launch rail of an A-model Hornet had its seeker cover removed. It was dangling by a strap and I was going to ask one of the ground crew if we should replace it. Then I got distracted by the seeker itself. It looked pretty cool and was reflecting light in an interesting way. Naturally, when you are near something reflective, the idea of a self-portrait jumps to mind if you are a little self-obsessed so I couldn’t help myself. Many years ago I worked on an ASRAAM seeker development related task using the company Jetstream testbed so I can pretend all of this is a technical interest and not narcissism at all.

Older and Wiser Heads

wpid6347-AU0E3534.jpgI have spent a lot of time in recent times over near Wells Street as a result of the bridge replacement program that they have been going through.  That puts me outside the Merchandise Mart building along the river.  Along the front of the building is a hall of fame of old Chicago figures.  A series of pillars are lined up along the river with each having a bust of a famous person on top.  These are nicely aligned and caught my eye as I was walking by.  As an aside, if you watched the TV series Boss, you will have seen these busts as part of the title sequence.


Diamond Head Hike

Just beyond Waikiki in Honolulu rises the remains of an extinct volcano.  Diamond Head is the most obvious geological feature in the vicinity of the city and is a famous landmark.  The crater (not such to be honest whether it counts as a crater or caldera but who is keeping score?) is home to a park.  You can drive in to the park through a tunnel and then park up to climb to the top.

We took the advice of the guide books and went early in the day.  Given how hot we got, I hate to think what those who went later in the day and had the midday sun to deal with felt like.  It is quite an exertion.  I don’t consider myself an athlete but I am not too out of shape either.  This was quite a climb.  There is a trail that is well maintained and the final stages include several flights of stairs – some quite steep.

When we reached the top, we were both pretty relieved to be there.  It was worth it since the view across the city was very good.  We enjoyed it a lot and anyone who suggests that our extended viewing was an excuse to take a rest can’t prove anything.  The trip down was a lot better than the climb up!