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GlobalX Has Interesting Passengers

GlobalX charter flights are pretty common in our area these days.  The company is expanding aggressively, and any charter work seems to be on the cards.  This one flight was a bit unusual – at least compared to what else I have seen then do.  The buses pulled up with the “passengers”.  However, instead of all walking up the steps, they went one at a time.  A closer look showed that their hands were in front of them – presumably in cuffs.  I’m not sure whether this was a criminal transfer or a deportation flight, but I suspect the latter.  I have seen plenty of DOJ flights into BFI but this was a first for me to see.

GlobalX Takes UW Students to Texas

The arrival of new airlines is of interest until they become a common sight.  When they are still small, they will be picking up all sorts of jobs to get their utilization up and bring in some revenue.  This includes odd charter jobs.  The University of Washington football team had made it to a bowl game that was being held down in Texas.  GlobalX was taking a bunch of the students down to the game.  A load of coaches dropped them off on the ramp and they slowly boarded the jet.  They certainly took there time about it but, eventually, everyone was on board.

As with all unscheduled flying, the wait for departure seems to take far too long.  The doors had been closed for ages but the jet was still sitting there.  I can imagine that a plane full of students was not happy waiting to get going (or maybe they couldn’t get everyone to sit down and strap in).  Finally they taxied and departed for Texas.  I don’t think the game went well for UW but the kids probably had a good time anyway.