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Life Flight Bell 429

Boeing Field has a lot of aeromedical flights that come through and Life Flight Network is a regular part of operations.  They have a variety of types that they use including the Bell 429.  I think the 429 is a reasonable looking airframe compared to some of the other Bell products and the Life Flight colors certainly look good on it.  This one was arriving from the south with some nice light on it.

Life Flight Bell 429

Life Flight Network operate a lot of movements at Boeing Field.  They have a Bell 429 that is there regularly.  The thing I like about this airframe is that it has a metallic looking paint finish which looks great on a sunny day and can really catch the light.  Here it is heading out on a mission from a while back.

Elusive Coast Guard Bell 429

I think the Coast Guard was messing with me while I was in Victoria. They operate a Bell 429 from their pad in the harbor and we saw it flying around on a regular basis. However, it always seemed to choose a route that took it just far enough away from me to avoid getting a decent shot. Plenty of longer range shots requiring a lot of cropping but nothing up close. The only time they came close, I didn’t have a long lens to hand. Very sneaky!