SF City Hall

wpid5226-IMG_0942.jpgA meeting in the heart of San Francisco meant a bunch of our team were meeting downtown.  A few of us got there a little head of the meeting and, with a couple of minutes available, I wanted to check out the City Hall building since it was only a couple of blocks away.  As an old City, San Francisco has some classic architecture and this is no exception.  For some reason, despite the numerous times I have been to the city, I have never been to City Hall before.

wpid5228-IMG_0938.jpgA group of school kids were playing some orchestral music in the main hall and plenty of family members were there.  I wandered around taking a look.  Since I didn’t have my normal cameras, the phone had to serve duty.  Fortunately, that also allowed me to try another one of the 360 panoramas.  I suspect I shall be carrying another camera with me when I am next in the area.

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