Cloudy SFO

wpid5264-AU0E2268.jpgI was in the Bay Area visiting my friend Hayman, a fellow ISAP member, so it wasn’t hard to predict what we would do with the day.  we actually decided to stay locally checking out whatever SFO had to offer.  We did not have the best run of luck.  First the weather was a bit crappy so the photo opportunities were going to be a bit more limited.  However, sometimes, bad weather can give something different so we weren’t to be deterred.

wpid5262-AU0E2230.jpgOne location we had in mind was crowded and we couldn’t even park.  This coincided with the arrival of the Lufthansa A380 so we already had missed one opportunity.  Oh well.  More strange was that everything was departing from 10 as we approached the airport.  This is a very strange procedure for SFO, particularly given the wind was calm so not forcing something different.  This could have given us some unusual departure shots.  Just as we approached, they reverted to normal operations.  See a pattern developing?

wpid5266-AU0E2446.jpgWe still had some fun and got a few shots.  As you can see, nothing terribly special from me.  Hayman may have done better.  None of these will be seen beyond this post but a day out with a friend shooting aircraft is still better than a lot of the alternatives!  Cheers Hayman.


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