More 777X Test Shots

With the extended test program for the Boeing 777X, I have had ample time to shoot the four test aircraft.  (The fact I have only shot the third jet on the ground is a function of the very limited flying it has done to date.  It is the performance aircraft so they are not using the engines much to maximize performance until the configuration is tightened up and the performance tests are required.). That hasn’t stopped me getting shots of the jets when the opportunity arises.

They have flown over the house a few times when on the return journey to Boeing Field.  I have also caught them on occasions when down at Boeing Field.  I got two in one day with the second and fourth airframes heading out close together.  I got the second as it rolled for take off and the fourth taxied past while I was eating my lunch.  I’m sure I will get more shots of them with the test program scheduled to continue through certification at the end of 2023!

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