Little Birds

There are plenty of interesting birds when you visit Hawaii.  The large birds that live on the cliffs like the frigates and boobies are cool as are the Nene, the state bird of Hawaii which is a rare type of goose.  However, there are a few other birds that are plentiful to see and, where we stayed, it wasn’t difficult to find a lot of them coming to visit.  Some were even rather brave about landing on the balcony while we were sitting there.

Two types of bird caught my eye on a regular basis.  One was the red-crested cardinal and the other was a mynah bird.  The cardinals showed up pretty regularly.  According to a friend of mine, they have a duller color to the crest when they are immature and then it becomes fully red when they are adults.  We saw plenty of the immature birds and a reasonable number of those that don’t make fart jokes!

The mynahs are less dramatic but, with the right light on them, they still look pretty good.  They certainly made for something to keep an eye on while we were otherwise taking it easy!

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