Onset of Fall Colors

When talking about fall, the most obvious photography option is foliage.  A favorite spot to go to see the fall colors is the Morton Arboretum out at Lisle.  The full colors had not come into their own but, with a number of trips coming up for work and pleasure, I wasn’t going to have a chance to get out there before it was all likely to be over.  When it is done, it is done very quickly.  Therefore, an early visit seemed worth a shot.

We were certainly too early.  However, there was still some interesting color developing with some of the trees.  You could see what was going to look very good before too long so, while the conditions this year might not have been ideal for fall color, I suspect the large number of visitors they get at this time of year won’t be too disappointed.  We got there later in the day to make the most of the nicer light and had a wander amongst some of the trees.  Irrespective of the color or time of year, the arboretum is one of the more pleasant places to be.

I also wanted to play around with the fish-eye amongst the trees.  This was something I had been thinking about for a while so had a quick roam amongst some of the stands.   However, it was getting a little late so I had to get some quick shots.  This is something I will come back to try again and spend more time finding the sort of trees that might suit what I have in mind.

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