Bear Play

I did something that must have caught Nancy by surprise recently.  We were going to take a trip to the zoo to see what was happening since this is a good time of year for the animals to be a bit more active before it gets too cold and they are likely to be kept indoors.  The oddity was that I left the cameras at home.  We discussed whether this would result in a lot of wildlife in very photogenic situations.

On the whole, I got away with it.  There were some shots to be had but it was fun (and a lot easier on the back) to walk around sans gear.  However, one resident did perform.  One of the polar bears was playing with a ball in the pool which has a glass side to it.  A large crowd was having a great time watching this.  We were no exception.  This was time to grab the phone and get a bit of video.  Enjoy a bear enjoying himself!

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