Hovercraft Museum

wpid7796-C59F8015.jpgPete and I had another detour after visiting Portsmouth.  Just along the coast is Lee-On-Solent which used to be a Naval airfield and now is used for a variety of other things.  One is a museum of hovercraft.  They have quite a collection which I would like to see one day and Pete has taken a look at.  They include two Super 4 hovercraft that used to ply their trade across the English Channel taking people and their cars on their way.  We used this en route to France a long time ago.  Now they are retired and part of the museum collection.

wpid7798-C59F8026.jpgThey are not alone with a number of other hovercraft stored alongside them, some of which look like they might be ones I have used on my travels as well.  A quick chat to the tower, a healthy eye out for the glider operations and we were clear to do a quick orbit and get some shots.  Very nice.


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