Flying With Pete

wpid7822-C59F8276.jpgMy relative Pete is the sort of friend I was destined to have.  Pete likes lots of fun things but at the heart of it for him (aside from his family of course) is flying.  Pete has been flying all of his life and today he spends his working time at the pointy end of a 747.  However, in the mean time, he owns a Piper Arrow which he spends as much time as possible flying.

wpid7818-C59F8236.jpgI have told about our trip in some previous posts.  However, I didn’t ever show you the beast itself – I am talking about the Arrow rather than Pete.  After we had finished our trip, he had to take it across to Bournemouth for some maintenance so I hung around long enough to catch him departing from Sandown.  Here, then, are some shots of Pete and his plane.  Thanks for a great time mate.


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