Fireworks in Kenmore

Last year we were living in Kirkland when July 4th came around.  We checked out the fireworks in the town and I took the camera along.  Unfortunately, we picked a place to sit in the park that meant the fireworks were behind a tree so I didn’t get any pictures that I was happy with.  This year we have moved a little up the lake so we decided to try out the fireworks in Kenmore.

We turned up later in the evening and the park was busy with lots of families out enjoying the warm evening and waiting for the display.  We found a spot down near the water that seemed pretty convenient and set up.  I wasn’t too bothered about shots but will take them anyway since it is easy to do while enjoying the display.  We had some people in front of us that I thought might make good silhouettes in the shots too.

The display started at just after 10pm and lasted about twenty minutes.  They were launching from the pier in Log Boom Park so the fireworks were out over the lake.  The team had choreographed a great performance and everyone seemed to be pleased. These are a few of the shots I got while enjoying the show.

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