Dreamlifter Turnaround

The 787s fleeing the hurricane weren’t the only aircraft arriving at Paine Field while we were there.  The regular schedule of 787 component deliveries was underway with the Dreamlifters.  One of the jets landed just after we got there.  We watched from the rooftop as it taxied in, the crew opened up the tail and a fuselage barrel section was offloaded.  There was another Dreamlifter already parked up when we got there.

Once our tour was over, we headed back upstairs because this Dreamlifter was now ready to go.  It pushed back and taxied out.  I decided to try some video of it rather than more stills.  The jet was off to Japan and was fueled up.  Consequently, it used a good chunk of the runway to get airborne.  I was watching through the camera and can admit to being a little surprised how long it ran.  The video I got is below.

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