Daher TBMs

AU0E5378.jpgThere are many times in aerospace when a manufacturer builds something that turns out to have little appeal, sell in small quantities and then vanish forever. Given how many of these there are, it is a surprise when one of them makes it big. Socata (now Daher) hit the rich seam when they built the TBM700. This single engine turboprop ended up finding many happy customers who appreciate the combination of performance and comfort with the US being a market for the majority of the aircraft built.

QB5Y6714.jpgOver the years, they have been upgraded with the next version being the TBM850 and now the current production version is the TBM900. Despite their popularity, I have only come across them infrequently so it is always nice to catch one out in the wild. From the French Air Force to the private operators, here are a few of the ones I have come across at various times.


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