Cranfield Jetstreams

I read that Cranfield is getting a new SAAB 340 to be used as a flying testbed.  It is replacing the current Jetstream 31.  The plane is used for test work but it is also used as a flying classroom for aeronautical engineering students.  The Jetstream 31 was an old BAE Systems airframe (one I was involved with in my days at Warton) and it replaced a Jetstream 200.  That old Astazou powered airframe was in use in the late 80s when I went through the course.  Here are shots of that old plane when we were using it as well as the current one when it showed up at RIAT.

2 thoughts on “Cranfield Jetstreams

  1. David Paisley

    Thanks for the old Jetstream photos. I did the summer flight test course in either 76 or 77 from the University of Manchester, but was also a PhD student at Cranfield from 79-82, so saw a lot of them. Also been in the PNW for the last 35 years, so there’s a coincidence (although the aviation world is a small one…)


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