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Canadian Otter Special

Harbour Air is the big player in the Victoria floatplane business.  Most of their airframes were in standard colors but one of them was painted up in a nice Canadian Flag color scheme.  I first saw it moored up against the jetty but later, when walking down near the water, it taxied out for departure.  The takeoff run is a bit far out but I got some shots of it as it went on its way.

Coming In Across the Harbor

Often the floatplanes will come in to Victoria Harbour through the entrance to the harbor, touch down on the water and continue straight in to the base.  However, if the wind is in the opposite direction, they sometimes make their approach across the city and the harbor itself.  While we were there, I saw one Twin Otter coming in this direction.  It made its final turn with the large hotel and apartment buildings behind it which made for a shot with more context than would otherwise be the case.