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Departing Dreamlifter Finds the One Cloud

A convenient departure of a Dreamlifter from Everett meant I could get up there to see it go.  The day was very nice so I was optimistic of getting a reasonable shot of it.  I saw it taxi out at the far end of the field (that extra tall fin the 400LCF has makes it easy to see over the ridges in the field) and it turned towards me and accelerated.

The light was shining off the fuselage and it rotated as it came over the ridge towards me.  Just as it got airborne and into a nice position, it found the one shadow that was anywhere in Snohomish county at that point.  It isn’t awful but it was pretty bloody disappointing.  As it climbed away, back into the sun of course!

Abstract Earth Erosion

Driving south on the Pacific Coast Highway, I was quite taken by the patterns in the earth resulting from erosion by the rain.  The soil is obviously soft and so has worn in patterns that are quite striking.  I think we were driving south when the light was best for the patterns.  The shadows were very pronounced.  On the way back I stopped to take some shots.  They were interesting but the light had moved to be more head on so the contrast was not as pronounced.  However, I still think the shapes made some interesting abstract patterns.