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The Avanti Couldn’t Escape Me Forever

When I heard an Avanti had showed up at RIAT while I wasn’t there, I was a touch annoyed.  I am such a fan of the type that I thought missing it would be very frustrating.  Fortunately, it was still at Fairford at the end of the show so the departure day was going to be the time for me to get a shot.  It took off in plenty of time before I had to go so I was treated to the sight and sounds that accompany a pair of pusher props.

Italian F-16 Not Long For This World

AE7I4903.jpgWhile we were out on the ramp at D-M, an F-16 taxied out for departure.  I was curious about the paint finish at first as it didn’t look like a normal F-16.  It was also short of markings.  Then it became apparent it was an ex-Italian Air Force jet.  I was advised that it was on a check flight prior to being sent off for the conversion to target aircraft.  I guess it has been on storage at AMARG and now is going off to modification followed by an uncertain future.  I wonder how long it will survive.