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London Buses in the Strangest Locations

In the center of Fairhaven, I was surprised to see an old London bus.  This wasn’t a Routemaster but an older vintage of bus.  It was tucked in a shady area next to a building on a sunny day so it was a touch tricky to get a shot of.  It was also surrounded by various stuff so I maneuvered to get a reasonably clear shot of it.  It still has its UK registration plates so anyone that is familiar with London Transport history, can probably advise what it is.  No doubt there is a website for this sort of thing somewhere if I looked hard enough.

Fairhaven Washington

A sunny fall weekend day is a good time to go out to somewhere new.  Nancy suggested we head up in the direction of Bellingham.  On our way in to the city, we stopped off in the Fairhaven district.  This is an old town area that has a core of nice little shops and restaurants.  We had a stroll around and I took the M6.  The fall colors and the bricks of the buildings looked great with my sunglasses on but that was assisted by the polarizing effect.  Since I had left a proper polarizer in the car, I tried shooting a few shots through the sunglasses’ lenses!

The area seemed to have plenty on offer for a visitor.  It was a bit cold and blowy so sitting outside was not too appealing but, in different times, it looks like somewhere that might be worth a further visit.  Some more time to peruse the shops and galleries as well as to try out the breweries would seem like a plan.  Not a huge amount on offer but, when it is so easily accessible from home, definitely worth a go.