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My Timing on the Bridge Was Off

AE7I4326-HDR.jpgWhile reading some of the material at the Donner Memorial, I saw some pictures of a cool looking bridge.  A similar style to the Bixby Creek Bridge, this one was above Donner Lake.  It is on the old highway which is now bypassed by the interstate.  We were heading off in a different direction but we were coming back to Truckee on another day for dinner so I decided to check this place out prior to that.  Since it would be early evening, the light should be in a good place too.

AE7I4336.jpgIt turns out I timed it just a fraction wrong.  The sun was low across the lake which did look very nice.  Unfortunately, the bridge was in the shadow of the surrounding hills so it was rather subdued compared the rest of the view.  A little earlier and it would have looked great.  Oh well, too late to change that.  Maybe if I am up that way again, I will plan a bit more carefully and see what I can get.

Donner Lake

AE7I3932.jpgI posted photos of Donner Lake a while back as I was traversing the Sierras en route to Reno.  This time we got a lot longer to look around.  We did stop at the overlook on the interstate but then we dropped down the hill to the lake itself.  There was a nice beach at one end which had a few people visiting even though it was rather early in the year.  Some of the houses built along the lake looked pretty nice too.  I imagine they would be very pleasant places to spend some relaxing time.

AE7I3928.jpg AE7I3947.jpg