Donner Pass

wpid7672-AU0E8150-Edit.jpgA work trip was tacked on the end of a photo project since I was in the vicinity – if a two and a half hour drive counts as the vicinity!  I found myself driving over the Donner Pass twice in one day.  The first trip was early in the morning.  Everything looked great in the early light but I had a place to be and so hanging around was not possible.  However, on the return leg, I wasn’t under pressure to be anywhere (except the airport the following morning) so I was able to stop when I got to the area of Donner Lake.  The sun was already going down and the moon coming up.  Took me a short while to work that out since I was initially hoping the moon would stay up long enough for me to get there, only to realize which direction I was facing and it was only getting higher in the sky!  Doh!

wpid7674-AU0E8160-Edit.jpgI did manage to get to see the lake with some light still on it as the shadows started to stretch across.  A very pretty location although not one I think I did justice too.  Another time perhaps.  I suspect I will get to make that trip again before too long.

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