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That’s a Tight Corner (Boston Old School Subway)

A quick work trip to Boston meant I needed to take the “T” from my hotel to the offices where we were meeting.  I took the Blue Line in to the city and then changed on to the oldest line the city apparently has, the Green Line.  The vehicles I rode on were very old school in their design. What amazed me more was the tight curvatures of the track.

I lived in Chicago where the “L” has some really tight curves.  However, it has nothing on this track.  I watch the next car pivot out of sight as we weaved through an amazing turn.  When I made my return journey, I changed at one station that also had a really tight curve.  At first I thought it was a relic of old track but the rail looked like it was in use and there was a power line in place so I guess it is still needed.  Quite something.  It would never get built like that now but that is what systems over a century old sometimes come with!

Cape Air Ramp

I have read a lot about Cape Air.  They are a small operator in the New England area flying a fleet of (mainly) Cessna 402s.  The reason I know this is that they have been heavily involved in the development of a new piston twin with Tecnam which they intend to use to replace their fleet.  The first examples have started to show up but, for now, the 402 is still their workhorse.  While I was sitting at a gate at Logan waiting for a flight home, we were right across from their ramp so I was able to watch the comings and goings of their planes.  Seeing them mixing in with the big airliners was pretty impressive.