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What a Great View of the Sound!

The house at Bloedel Reserve sits up on the hill with the grounds landscaped to provide an unobstructed view down to the sound below.  You can imagine the tranquility of sitting on the terrace in the evening, sipping a cocktail and looking out at the water.  Unfortunately, at the time of our visit, a large barge was moored a short distance out in the water.  I’m sure the view is beautiful but, with a barge plonked in the middle of things, somehow the delightful nature of the scene is a little compromised!

Sunken Barge

wpid11625-IMG_2280.jpgShortly before I got to Chicago, I had heard that one of the barges on the river had sunk. Apparently, there was a loud crack from the barge and it folded up before sinking. One end of the barge was left still sticking out of the water and I couldn’t resist a quick walk across to see how it had ended up. I have no idea what progress has been made salvaging it so if anyone knows, please add a comment letting me know the final outcome. Thanks.