Stirring Spitfire Performance

In my younger days, I was all about modern aircraft and didn’t have much interest in warbirds.  Over time and having been involved with a number of groups that operate these aircraft, I have grown far more interested.  Being in the US, you get a lot of American vintage aircraft to see.  In the UK I might not have been so bothered about Spitfires but, now I see them less often, they have become of greater interest.

The later model Spitfires seem less graceful to me but the earlier models have a simpler and more elegant appearance.  This one was carrying out some flybys at Paine Field during the Open Day.  The rumble of the Merlin is well known and common to the P-51s.  The line of the Spitfire is unique, though, and seeing it swooping by was really quite exciting.  What a great looking aircraft.

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