Looking forward to El Centro

One of the benefits of the blog being relatively new is that I have the opportunity to dig up stuff from the past and turn it into a post.  I will shortly be heading to El Centro in California for a shoot at the Navy base there.  Last year I made a similar trip and I thought I would remind myself and prime you for some of what might be there.

What will show up on a given day is hard to predict.  Last time we had some T-45s that had made the trip across from Meridian TX.  Whether there will be any this time, we shall see.  Hornets may drop in from other bases to use the facilities and last time some Canadian Hornets were in to use the ranges.

It is the luck of the draw what you get but one thing you can, hopefully, rely on is the weather.  El Centro has sun most days of the year.  I have had bad luck at some locations with weather but I am hoping this one will behave.

What might I try differently this time?  Last time I used a variety of lenses and positions.  The heat haze is a big issue so looking to far back up the approach is problematic.  Getting ahead of, beside and behind the touchdown location mixes things up a bit.  Getting the aircraft and the hold is also worthwhile and I may spend more time there.  I am also going to try and mix in more video this time too.

We shall see how it goes and what I can get off base before and after as well.  Wait to see what we get!

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