Index Road Bridge

I mentioned the bridge in Index in a previous post and I thought it deserved its own post.  The bridge is relatively new having been built in the late 1990s.  The road to the town in on one side of the river and the town is on the other so the bridge is pretty important!  There is a rail bridge too, but the road is the way for most people since the trains don’t stop anymore.

It is an arch structure.  The roadbed is suspended from the arch by a selection of cables.  These come down in pairs from the arch and into the bed of the bridge.  The structure is steel and, whether it was assembled on site or elsewhere, you can clearly see how the sections were assembled with the bolts through plates at each of the joints.

The arch shape is attractive and the symmetry of the bridge when viewed from the end is also very nice.  Because the area is not too busy, they have not cluttered things up with too much fencing to segregate the pedestrians from the traffic so the whole thing has a simple look to it.  A nice job by some engineers!

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