Historic Flight Foundation

Two down and one to go.  A trip across to the other side of Paine Field and you arrive at the Historic Flight Foundation – John Sessions collection of vintage aircraft.  Combined with my previous two visits, you really have to think of Everett as a goldmine for the aviation enthusiast.  Much like the Flying Heritage Collection, the focus here is on airworthy vintage aircraft.  However, they are all allied aircraft and are not all military planes.

The hangar is a lovely spot that is spotless.  The aircraft are arrayed around the place and they all look spotless too.  One was undergoing its annual so was pulled apart a bit more.  There is also a B-25 that was outside when I was visiting.  I was welcomed to take a look inside.  Flights are available too if you want although my schedule and budget were not going to fit in with that and the weather was rather crappy to be honest.

One of the volunteers was an ex-pat Brit and he showed me around the whole collection.  He knew a great deal about the planes having been involved with them for a long time and we had a great time.  others were passing by and would join the discussion as well.  It was a very friendly environment.  John Sessions was also about and said hello but he had a group visiting so was making sure they were having a good time.

As with the other places at Paine Field, I can certainly recommend a visit.  It is an interesting collection and if you can time it to coincide with some flying activity, you will have done even better.

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