At Last a Lineage

AE7I7994.jpgEmbraer is a company that has made a phenomenal transformation in the last decade or so.  From being a small, state owned company that met local needs, it became a power in the regional aircraft sector.  Once they had become established there, they took a step into the corporate aircraft sector.  They started out by making corporate versions of their regional jets but now they are designing specific jets with the Phenom and Legacy types being hugely successful.

AE7I7987.jpgOne of the regional jet conversions was the Lineage.  Based on the E195 jet, the Lineage provides a large fuselage but doesn’t provide the extreme range of other large cabin jets.  However, many customers do not go that far and don’t need the extreme range. (This doesn’t stop a lot of Gulfstream and Global customers of course!). It has been reasonably successful but not a big seller and I had not seen one until recently.  I was at Las Vegas when this example took off.  Good to finally see one.

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