Anyone Have Any Engines?

Engine supply is a bit of a problem for the big two airliner manufacturers at the moment.  Rolls powered 787s are going through a drawn out program of rework and A320neos are sitting around awaiting both Pratt and CFM engines.  Boeing is also short of CFM Leaps and the result is a lot of parked 737 Max jets at Renton and Boeing Field.  Apparently, they are flying jets to Boeing Field and then trucking the engines back to Renton.  As I flew over Boeing Field earlier in the week, the flightline did look full!

I wanted to see all of these parked jets so took a trip to Renton one weekend to see how things were.  There were certainly plenty of jets around and quite a few had ballast weights attached to the pylons.  Supposedly the backlog will not be sorted out until the fourth quarter (although some think that is a bit optimistic)!

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