Anchorage Jets

A step back in time to the mid 2000s.  I had a work trip to Anchorage having been invited up by a potential client to discuss their business.  We lived in Chicago at the time and I needed to fly to Seattle to connect to Anchorage.  (Interestingly, the return leg was possible to make direct overnight.). I had not expected Anchorage airport to be too much.  I knew, even then, that it was a hub for freight traffic across the Pacific but I did not think it would be that busy.

When we landed and I walked down the jet bridge, I looked out of the window to see rows of 747s, MD-11s and DC-10s.  It was quite an eye-opener to see just how many large jets were laying over there.  There was a steady stream of movements too.  These planes were not just waiting around for business.  The airport downtown was another reminder with everyone I spoke to in the bar being a crew on layover.

The meetings went well but didn’t lead to anything.  The timing of the trips meant I had some time to kill so I spent a bit of time out at the airport watching the arrivals and departures.  There were the unusual locals that Alaska is known for and the props will definitely be worth a separate post.  For this one I shall share the jets that came and went.  Many of these are types or operators that have ceased to be.  It was a great thing to see and I’m glad I got the chance to be there, however briefly.  A specific trip up is something I would like to try and do at some point.  All those Alaska Airlines points have got to be worth something!

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