What A Difference A Few Minutes Makes

Paine Field is getting rather full of spare 777X airframes.  They are getting stored in all sorts of locations and a recent spot for them is alongside the main assembly building at the north end of the field.  I was using the long lens and so, rather than change lenses, I shot a few images to make a pano.  It was a little dull but more of a record shot.  A few minutes passed by the the clouds behind me had moved on and the light on the airframes had improved significantly.  I reshot the scene before it changed again.  Looking at the two shots, it is hard to believe that they were only a few minutes apart.  What an impact a change in lighting can bring to a shot.

One thought on “What A Difference A Few Minutes Makes

  1. Gerald

    Patience has its rewards. Its easier when the object doesn’t move, but the challenge is lining up the subject and the best lighting before it moves away. Hence so few have the patience to do wildlife photography both aspects of nature work against you 99.9% of the time. 🙂


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