Waimea Canyon

During our last trip to Kauai, I wrote about visiting Waimea Canyon, some of which you can find in the previous posts including here.  This year we went back.  We weren’t looking to do much hiking this time but instead just wanted to take in the lovely scenery.  It is certainly a dramatic enough spot that you can get plenty of good stuff to see.

I did manage to get an aviation theme to this post though.  We got to one of the overlook locations looking into the canyon and one of the tour helicopters was coming towards us.  I grabbed a quick shot of the EC130 as it turned away.  Plenty of other helicopters came by – a steady stream really – but they all took different routes.  I guess it depends on your pilot as to what you get.

We got to the top of the canyon road and the overlook that gives views of the north coast of the island – normally.  Not this day.  The clouds were rolling in and obscuring the view to the north.  Since we were right at the summit, the clouds bubbled up to the top and then dissipated almost immediately.  You had cloud on one side and nothing on the other.  Very cool!

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