Vectren Airshow

wpid12249-QB5Y2186.jpgI was looking at some museum images for a piece and realized that one of my visits to the National Museum of the USAF was tied to a visit to the Vectren Airshow at Dayton. I had forgotten about this show a few years ago. It had not had the best of weather but it did include an interesting mix of participants with strong military participation.

wpid12259-QB5Y2356.jpgI decided to go back through the shots and take a look at what was there. I also could run through the shots to see whether updating the raw conversion and taking a crack at my latest approach to processing would make something more interesting of some of them. Neither of the bodies I was shooting with that day are currently part of what I use so I didn’t know whether the same processing techniques would work for them. There were some differences in their response characteristics but they seemed to work reasonably well.

wpid12214-IMG_7258.jpgThe different types on show included a B-2, a B-52 and a C-5 in the flying display. These are not regulars at most shows so provide a nice change. Sadly, a cloudy sky is not ideal for aircraft that are the color that those are. However, you go with what you have. Some of the more regular performers were also there and the Thunderbirds were the show finale. One overseas display team was there but they are worthy of a post of their own so keep an eye out for that.

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