The Tennessee Jet Joins Southwest

AU0E1486.jpgSouthwest have a program of painting some of their jets up to represent states that they serve.  One of the most recent additions to the fleet is a jet painted for the state of Tennessee.  Having announced that the jet was joining the fleet, I decided to keep an eye out for it if I should be in a position to get a shot of it.  Fortunately, I was in Oakland when it was due to depart.  I popped along to the departure end of the runway to await it.  It was scheduled on a flight a short while later.  Another departure was due to go first so I figured I would shoot it as well in order to make sure that everything was working with my camera settings.  Another Southwest takeoff is otherwise not too special.  Imagine my surprise when they had switched the jets around.  My practice turned out to be the Tennessee jet.  Consequently I got the shot.  If I had been waiting for the planned flight, I would have been sitting in the car when it took off.  Lucky break and a good example of the benefit of not sitting in the car when something is happening!


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