Officer Commanding’s House

C59F7805.jpgEx-military installations that I have visited have a feature in common and that is the quarters for the senior officers.  Some grand looking houses are the home for the higher levels of staff and, the older the installation is, the grander the accommodations appear to be.  Putting together this post has reminded me of another place I visited a few years ago and I shall have to write about that too at some point.  However, the location today is Mare Island.  As a naval facility, the officer commanding required a sizeable house.  We got to take a look around the place.

C59F7783.jpgIn actuality, it isn’t the largest home you will see on a military base.  Take a trip to the Presidio in San Francisco and you will see plenty of big houses.  Even so, this one is quite an impressive place.  There is plenty of space for a family to live in this house and it looks very nice from the outside.  It is also a short walk to the main administration block.  Not the worst commute anyone would have.  The staff areas are naturally a little more spartan and there is a buzzer system to allow the occupants to summon those staff when required.  It isn’t hard to imagine officers with cigars around the table after dinner.

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