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Birds of All Varieties So Let’s Combine Them

I have put together posts for various animals that we saw during our trip to Kenya and Tanzania.  We also saw lots of birds.  Most of them I had no idea what they were, but our guides did a great job of telling us what we were seeing.  Whether I can remember them all now, is a different story.  Fortunately, I think I keyworded them shortly after we returned so I do have a chance.  Rather than talk about the various different bird, here is a compilation of images of some of the ones we saw during our time away.

How I Misjudged Hyenas Before Seeing Them

There were many animals I was looking forward to seeing when we visited Kenya and Tanzania.  One that I hadn’t thought much about and, if I had, it wouldn’t have been positive, was the hyena.  They have a pretty bad image since they clean up all of the debris that is left and will also do their own hunting in the pack.  While this is no different to many other animals, they seem to have been given a more negative image.

When we arrived, we immediately saw loads of hyena.  They were out walking alone and moving in groups.  They are not the sleekest looking animal, but I found myself surprisingly interested in them.  When one would come into view carrying a trophy from a carcass, I would see this as a positive when others were focusing on the negative.  We saw one hyena limping across the road with an obvious wound on its leg.  This reminded me of just how perilous life is for everything in the wild.

Later in the trip we came across a den for the pack.  One hyena was walking back in with a wildebeest leg in its mouth.  This was going to feed some hungry mouths.  There were some cubs in the den, and we could hear them before we could see them.  They were fighting with each other between sessions suckling from their mother.  It was really fun to watch this whole pack of animals in their social setting.

I’m not expecting anyone reading this to suddenly love hyenas.  Some of the pictures will probably reinforce thoughts that yo might already have had about them.  However, I will say that I saw them in a very different light over the time I was in Kenya and Tanzania, and I will never think of them the same way again.

Lions Abound!

For the first of my animal related posts from our trip to Kenya and Tanzania, I am going to go with the apex predator – the lions.  When we saw our first lion, I was so excited.  It was off in the distance that a bunch of lions from a pride were hanging out.  A young cub was running around but everything was far away.  However, this was just a taster.  Before too long, we were right in amongst a pride of lions.  They were youngsters one the whole and playing around.  One was resting and it turned out to be nursing an injury.

From this point on, we just saw more and more lions.  Sometimes they were far away but often they were very close.  Usually they were doing nothing.  Sleeping during the day is a regular occupation and hunting is something that they prefer to do at night.  We came across a solo male (surprisingly close to the spot we had stopped for lunch) and he was quite injured after a battle of some sort.  He could look either imposing or vulnerable depending on the moment.

We also came across mating pairs on a couple of occasions.  One of these pairs was out on the grass on a sunny day with the light making the male look totally serene.  Their lack of interest in us was hard to get used to.  (Step out of the vehicle and things would change rapidly!). I liked getting shots of them sleeping too as they often looked like they were in uncomfortable positions.  However, a quick opening of the eye would transform the shot.

It was easy to get a bit blasé about the lions after a while.  We saw so many and in a variety of locations that it was easy to forget that these were lions for goodness sake!  Don’t ever forget that.  Now, as I look back through the shots, I am reminded of just how lucky I am and how amazing this was.