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Aleutian Airways SAAB 2000

A SAAB 2000 in passenger configuration was transiting through Seattle.  It was registered to PenAir in Alaska and had apparently been repainted since it was now showing up in the colors of Aleutian Airways.  I had not heard of Aleutian Airways but it isn’t hard to work out where it serves.  The plane arrived with a PenAir registration still showing but it looked like it was applied temporarily so, presumably, it is going to have a new registration before too long.

They didn’t spend too long on the ground before departing for Alaska.  They were heavy for the longer flight but still off the ground quite quickly compared to the full length of BFI’s runway.  Then they looped off around the south end of the area before climbing overhead and en route to their next stop.  The livery is a bit retro but I did like the look of it.

Charter SAAB 2000

The SAAB 2000 was not a best seller when it was in production and they are definitely not too common in the North American market these days.  That makes it a nice surprise to get one.  The 340 was a reasonable looking plane anyway and stretching it and adding bigger engines resulted in a more elegant look in my mind.  This one is apparently used for charter operations and was a nice thing to get when taking some time off recently.


Unmarked aircraft are conspicuous by their effort to be inconspicuous.  I saw this SAAB 2000 parked up at the Clay Lacy ramp and, before too long, it taxied out and departed kindly backtracking passed me in the process.  SAAB 2000s are not overly common anyway so that was the first thing to notice but, since it was completely white, I figured it might belong to someone not advertising their presence.  Sure enough, it belongs to the Department of Justice.  I wonder what it was doing here?