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A Pair of Alpines

If you follow Formula One, you will have seen that the Renault team recently changed their name to Alpine.  This is an old brand that has recently been reintroduced by the company.  I popped down to Exotics@RTC recently to see what was showing up and came across a pair of Alpines of differing vintages.  One was a new one to me but the younger example did seem rather familiar.  I guess I must have seen them in the UK when I was younger.

A few people were hanging around them but I thought they weren’t getting the attention that they deserved.  Exotics@RTC has a never ending supply of McLarens, Ferraris, Porsches and Lambos but these were something that definitely deserved the title exotic.

An Exotic Collection of Cars

B11I7246.jpgThe dinner at Eagle Field was held in the large hangar.  Not only does this accommodate planes but it also seems to be the home to a lot of cars.  Jaguars of a variety of vintages were kept there in various states of repair.  Out the back were even more cars.  These were not usually looking too healthy but there were some things I have not seen before.  Whether it was an old Renault or and Armstrong Siddeley, they were there gathering valley dust and withering slowly under the harsh sunlight that this area has a lot of!