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Kestrel on a Post

Kestrels are so small, getting a good shot of them is going to be tricky at the best of times and, unless they come nice and close, you are always working to see what you can get.  This little fella landed on a post near the road and was clearly having a snack.  Looking very closely at the images, I still can’t work out what it is eating.  I then waited for it to fly away and, of course, once I put the camera down for a bit, off it went.  I did get another shot of it as it flew to a post but nothing special.

Kestrel Patrolling The Taxiway

One sunny day, I was hanging out at Arlington watching the flying activity.  However, planes weren’t the only thing flying.  I looked across at a taxiway light and saw something on top of it.  A look through the long lens and a kestrel came into focus, if only briefly.  Before I knew it the bird had launched into flight and headed away, not to return while I was there.  I was rather pleased to have got something close to a reasonable shot of it in that short moment.