Some Old BMWs

My visits to Exotics@RTC provide an interesting mix of different vehicles.  On one Saturday morning, there were a few older BMWs on display.  I have never been particularly interested in owning BMWs but the old ones catch my eye, probably more for nostalgia than anything else.  The simplicity of them compared to the modern vehicles is striking.  The hard edges, the bumpers, the sparse interiors – it is so far from what you get now.

Of particular interest was a racing 6 Series coupe.  This was tricked out with all the normal accoutrements of a racing car of that vintage but it looks positively gentile compared to a modern racing car.  The details in the rear wing were very cool and the finishes looked very well taken care of.  I wouldn’t say it was a good looking car but it was definitely noteworthy.

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