Seattle Public Library

The visit of friends seems to provide us with ever more new things to learn about Seattle.  Mark and Rosie were in town and Rosie told us about Seattle Public Library being worth a visit.  I had never been to the library and was totally unaware of it.  I must have been within a couple of blocks of it many times but never saw it.  As we got close to it when walking up the street, we were all taken by the external architecture.

The outside was great but the inside was just as worthwhile.  Each floor seemed to have a different style to it.  There was a lot of open space within the building and you could go to the top floor which gave you a high view outside the building as well as a view straight down throughout the whole of the building to the first level.  As someone with little love for heights, I took a look down but didn’t spend too much time up there.  It was a long way down!

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