Seaplane Base

If you are at Oshkosh for a few days and the huge numbers of people and the hot temperatures are getting to you, it is time to take a break.  There is no better place to do this than the seaplane base.  A short bus ride from the main bus location will take you down to the lake-shore.  Here the place of things is a little bit more relaxed.  There are plenty of people around still.  however, you can sit by the water and allow the pace to slow down quite a bit.

There are many planes already moored up but the traffic in and out always seems to be enough to keep you amused.  When the aircraft arrive they will head to the dock and then will be towed out to a mooring location.  When they head out it is anyone’s guess what they will consider to be the best departure route so they might power up close in and take off or taxi out a long way before aligning themselves for departure.

We did have a little extra interest with a Beaver that had a hard time getting airborne.  A very pretty looking aircraft, it taxied out and made its first effort at getting airborne without success.  it then tried several more times in differing directions but I never saw it actually get on to the step.  Eventually they taxied back in.  No idea what the problem was and how they fixed it but hopefully they did.

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