Ryan Flyby

wpid9313-C59F1685.jpgI had not been up to Sonoma Skypark for quite a while.  Lots of things had been going on that had either kept me at home or taken me further afield but, with a nice Saturday forecast, I figured it was time to get back up there and say hello to some folks.  The weather held to the forecast and it was a great day to be up there.  During my first visit to Schellville, I had met Dave Masters and photographed his ST-A.  Dave also pays a visit to Skypark each week.  I had seen him there before but had not shot him from the good light side of the field.

wpid9311-C59F1672.jpgThis time I was determined to do so.  When he appeared downwind, I scampered across the field to get into position.  I was just in time as he came down the approach and I grabbed a sequence of shots.  Here they are.


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