Odd Beaver Fin

Parked up on the ramp at Renton was what appeared to me to be a de Havilland Canada Beaver on floats.  However, it looked different to every other Beaver I have seen.  This one seemed to have a fun that was cut right down.  Initially I figured it needed a repair but then I realized that there was a large dorsal extension to the fin.  This would compensate to some extent to the missing top but whether it is a good configuration, I can’t say.  It didn’t look good to me but it looked airworthy so maybe it flies fine?  Has anyone seen more about this and can share with me some of the history?

2 thoughts on “Odd Beaver Fin

  1. David Atkinson

    It’s not a Beaver, Rob, it’s a Canadian homebuilt called a Murphy Moose. Obviously based on the Beaver, it’s quite a bit smaller and is powered by a Russian radial. This one seems to split its time between Renton and Kenmore.

    1. Rob Post author

      Interesting. Thanks for the info David. Given how much it looks like a Beaver, it’s interesting that they went for such a different fin shape. Good to know!


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