Millennium Park

wpid6452-C59F6408.jpgMillennium Park is one of the most popular attractions in Chicago so we obviously had to pay it a visit.  At various times I have taken pictures of the park that I like.  These show the park itself.  However, one of the things I love about the place is the effect it has on people.  The Bean in particular is great for people watching.  They are all looking at their own reflections in the mirrored surface and it causes so many people so much fun, you just can’t help but enjoy the fun they are having.

wpid6457-C59F6413.jpgThe new Maggie Daley Park is being constructed at the moment.  That cuts off a section of the park.  I wonder when it will be finished and whether we will still be in Chicago to see it.  I do hope so.  A few other things have changed since my sister was last here including the new Modern Wing of the Art Institute.  We took a walk across the bridge to see that before heading in to the loop.  The Art Institute has a Picasso exhibit running and they have added his name to Daley Plaza in front of his sculpture there as part of the publicity for the exhibit.  That seemed worth a look before we headed back.

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